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Wedding Services & Types of Ceremonies

Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your special day.  Your wedding deserves a Custom Wedding Ceremony created especially for two people who want to express their love according to your own individual tastes.  My goal as Wedding Officiant and Notary is to provide wedding vows that are custom created for you as a couple, to cherish as magical and romantic memories for a lifetime.  SEE BELOW FOR MARRIAGE LICENSE BY MAIL SERVICE...

I can help you create the ceremony that is perfect for you both:  Your first wedding - not your first wedding - weddings with no children or weddings including your children!  The choice is yours!

A trusted and dependable Wedding Officiant and Notary takes the stress away so you can enjoy the most special event of your life!  I specialize in writing and Officiating romantic, Destination Weddings!

Our wedding services include:

Wedding Ceremony Consultation

  • Meet with Bride and Groom to discuss wedding and Ceremony
  • Discuss location, venue and setting for wedding
  • Discuss styling, designing and input of type of Wedding Ceremony desired to create Once in a Lifetime Custom Wedding Ceremony    
  • Full wedding etiquette guidance (if needed)

Creation of Custom Wedding Ceremony

  • Customize specific wedding Ceremony, incorporating specific ideas for each individual couple 
  • Write and create a preliminary custom ceremony for Bride and Groom 
  • Email preliminary custom wedding ceremony for Bride and Groom for personalized, custom revisions 
  • Discuss changes and recommend changes and/or additions for Wedding Ceremony 
  • Attend/conduct rehearsal

Day of Event

  • Arrive early to sign and notarize Marriage License  
  • Oversee and perform Once In a Lifetime Custom Wedding Ceremony
  • Ensure Wedding Ceremony is performed as planned
  • Instruct guests for next actions after Wedding Ceremony



Celebrate love! I will help you create a Ceremony that is traditional in wording and in style unique and more contemporary.  I can help you create one steeped in romance or on having the respect and pious love for God in a religious or Non-denominational Spiritual Ceremony.  These can be weddings of any size, intimate in size or over 200 people or a quiet group of close family and friends, the choice is yours!


A popular St. Augustine Florida wedding ceremony is beachfront weddings. Imagine the beautiful white sandy beach, spectacular Florida sunset and shimmering oceanfront as the backdrop for your St. Augustine Beach or Jacksonville Beach wedding ceremony. For specific permitting requirements for certain locations and group sizes contact me.


A Sand Ceremony is extremely popular in Florida.  Two vessels of sand are poured together into a third keepsake vessel to represent the coming together of the couple, their parents and/or children, and any other extended family.  This is an excellent Ceremony where you are including children and in-laws.


The Unity Candle Ceremony is a traditional and beautiful addition to any indoor ceremony.  During a Unity Candle wedding ceremony, the mothers of the bride and groom light  candles to the side of the unity (center) candle which represent the separate lives, families and experiences before the wedding day.  After the exchange of vows, but before the exchange of wedding rings, the bride and groom take each side candle and light the unity candle together, uniting the families and experiences into one.  It is not recommended for the outdoors as even the slightest breeze will blow out the candles. 


There are many different ways to incorporate a rose into a wedding.   Two of the most popular examples are as follows:
A "Rose to Mothers of the Bride and Groom" Ceremony is usually done at the beginning of the wedding ceremony.  Either the bride and groom can offer a rose to each mother after the presentation of the bride, or can give a rose at the beginning of the ceremony after prompting by the wedding officiant.  A "Wedding Rose" Ceremony is a part of the wedding ceremony that takes place usually after the wedding vows.  The Wedding Officiant or the Maid of Honor and Best Man can offer the rose to the Bride and the Groom at the appropriate moment giving wishes for a happy and loving marriage. 



I can help you create a Ceremony that is universal in love and support with loving wording and in your chosen style.  I can help create one steeped in romance or one based more on a Universal spiritual Ceremony that is inclusive of personal beliefs. Celebrate love!


Remember, this is YOUR Once In a Lifetime Custom Ceremony. 
You deserve and can create the Ceremony of your dreams.  Give me a call... 
John-Custom Wedding Officiant and Notary. Phone 904-982-2210
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